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The difference is not only WHAT we do, but HOW!

A result-oriented coaching and consulting firm, The Growth Team – working with privately-held and family business, leadership teams, and organizations between $2 million and $25 million – helps executives and leadership teams effectively tackle urgent challenges, improve organizational efficiency, and map successful strategies for moving forward. Utilizing a highly reliable process approach, The Growth Team Continue Reading

Negotiations (continued)

Our last blog post on TGT was focused on the steps to negotiation. Today we cover the last piece on negotiations…the techniques to master negotiations. We will share four of the most effective techniques that were shared by Mr. Maldonado. • Make Friends o When negotiating with another party, building friendly connections is the most Continue Reading

The Networked Age–What Can LinkedIn Leaders Learn from Family Businesses?

I recently heard Jeremy Stover, LinkedIn’s head of leadership management and executive development; speak as part of a panel discussing the state of executive coaching. I asked him about the success of leadership coaching within LinkedIn, and he directed me to a article he wrote in December of 2105 entitled” Social Leadership in the Networked Continue Reading

How your approach to negotiations affects your business?

Last week the team and I attended a presentation by J.C Maldonado, CEO of BizGro Partners (http://bizgropartners.com) on business negotiations. The title of the talk was, Negotiations Mastery for Entrepreneurs and Business Advisors. The unofficial subtitle was Negotiations Are More About Psychology Than Strategy. The Growth Team wants to share with you several important takeaways Continue Reading

Accepting Anxiety

Recently we wrote about how to keep moving forward in times when we are feeling overwhelmed by challenges in our businesses. Today’s posting is on a similar theme – managing our anxiety. Some business owners thrive on anxiety. They require the frenetic energy it delivers in order to do business. Others suffer severely under the Continue Reading

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