About Our Clients

As a result-oriented coaching and consulting force, The Growth Team works with privately-held and family businesses, leadership teams, and organizations between $2 million and $25 million to help them effectively tackle urgent challenges, improve organizational efficiency, and map successful strategies for maximizing future growth.

Whether they are in manufacturing, retail, service, or technology industries, we work side-by-side with our valued clients to help them transition from where they are today to the next level –– always with their ultimate end-game goals in mind.

Each of our clients is covered by a nondisclosure agreement. While we may not always be able to tell you who they are (without first asking their permission), we are able to share with you what we have accomplished on their behalf.

We invite you to call 800-226-2428 (Extensions 701 or 702) in order to learn more about our approach and accomplishments on behalf of our clients.