Getting Started

Business owners and leadership teams that look inward – into their own organizations for answers or rely solely on their own intuition – are often severely at risk.

But when answers and ideas come from an outside team of experienced coaches, consultants, and advisors that share a common process approach to understanding and resolving the challenges at hand, not only is the risk eradicated, but the door to opportunity is opened wide.

Therefore, The Growth Team begins most client relationships by conducting a Preliminary Review and Assessment. This thorough one to three-month review and assessment period allows our team of highly qualified and experienced experts – experts representing the most critical business disciplines – to understand the primary points of constraint that are holding the business back, to analyze the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and, most importantly, to clarify and quantify the dreams and goals of the owner(s) and leadership team.

Following the Preliminary Review and Assessment we offer several options for moving forward. In most cases, the decision as to which option is mutual, based on what The Growth Team has learned and what we all agree are the looming issues that need to be tackled and resolved.