Planning to Sell

People spend a tremendous amount of time planning a new business. But they spend practically no time in thinking about or planning how to exit from that business when, in fact, preparing to sell a business, to exit from it, or to transfer ownership to family members is often considerably more complex… and more costly if not planned properly.

Creating a plan to exit your business and, perhaps, to cash in the single largest asset you will ever accumulate in your lifetime, can require many years of planning. But business owners too often wait too long, thinking that tomorrow is a better day to tackle this complex issue.

“Perhaps there could be another day,” they say. But life is tricky. We never really know what’s in store for us. So having a plan in place today is not only a wise choice, but also one that is absolutely necessary.

The Growth Team works with owners of smaller businesses to help them make difficult decisions, to come to grips with exit and succession strategies that cover all contingencies, and to help them plan the transition.

It is well worth the time because doing it right and doing it now can mean walking away with a sizable fortune or selling off equipment and giving your customer list to a loyal employee who you believe could service them in some way.