Family and Business Integration

Family businesses measure success, not in quarters, not in years, but in generations. Those that have been successful through multiple generations enjoy a number of unique competitive advantages over non-family privately held businesses.

For example they benefit from having:

  • A legacy
  • Nature plus nurture – As the kids grow up they acquire the family’s cumulative
  • knowledge about the business and industry
  • Consumer trust in a family name
  • Long-term commitment of family members to the business
  • Access to capital
  • Career opportunities

Family businesses also face a number of challenges. Among these are:

  • Creating policies for the entry of future generations into the business.
  • Instituting succession planning that supports the business as well as the family
  • Mitigating sibling rivalry
  • Building and managing relationships between family and non-family managers
  • Creating early training opportunities for family members
  • Undertaking performance-based reviews with family members
  • Promoting family and non-family employees equally, based on merit.
  • Balancing management with sentiments
  • Maintaining clear boundaries between business and family

The Growth Team has extensive experience, knowledge and expertise in second, third and fourth generation family business management. Starting with our proprietary family-business assessment, we help our clients develop best management practices and maintain harmony in the family across generations.

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