Professionals rely on coaches to improve their game. They don’t feel embarrassed or inferior as a result of working with a coach. Quite the contrary. They feel sharper and more in control.

The Growth Team includes both consultants and coaches. While consultants provide the structure – the systems, processes, procedures to bring about the needed change — coaches speak to the behavioral and emotional side of the person they are coaching.

At The Growth Team, we are actively engaged in providing coaching in four arenas:

Individual coaching – Working directly with the business owner, CEO, members of the leadership team, or key employees within the organization to strengthen the individual and sharpen their game.

Leadership team coaching – Often, coaching the leadership team as a whole enhances communication between individuals and departments, clarifies goals and objectives, and reduces overall stress within the business to allow for a more rapid transition into a strategic growth mode.

Group coaching – In the same way that coaching the leadership team as a whole brings about a desired outcome, group coaching within specific departments achieves the same end. Goals and objectives clarified. Communication enhanced. Stress reduced. And a team that works together more efficiently and effectively.

Confidential sounding board – Periodically, a CEO, president, or business owner needs to speak confidentially and totally “off the record” about a specific challenge or issue. A coach can provide assistance in helping the CEO, president, or business owner work through those issues. In some cases, both coaches and consultants assemble with the CEO, president, or business owner to provide a number of different perspectives or resolutions. Once all alternatives, pros and cons have been considered, a single coach works with the CEO to make a final decision.