It’s common knowledge that consultants provide answers and professional advice while coaches watch and listen and then direct, train, and nurture.

Merging their distinctly different styles and methodologies to problem solving and change we offer our clients a unique and potent approach to their success.

Combined, we make recommendations as well as watch for any unspecified resistance or unidentified constraints where they occur. We help our clients clarify these “speed bumps”, identify actions that they are most profitable for them at that time and place, and coach them through the process to new levels of success.

The Growth Team members included credentialed and certified coaches. In addition, all The Growth Team members are recognized for their natural coaching abilities. That is, they are able to dance with our clients’ needs as well as tell them what’s need to be successful.

With a combined expertise of well over 100 years in areas of business finance strategy, systems and operations, organizational psychology, leadership and team building, marketing and sales, we are helping entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, leadership teams, and family businesses tackle urgent challenges, improve organizational efficiency, and map successful strategies for moving forward.

The Growth Team operates on three fundamental principles. First, our effectiveness depends on our flexibility to respond practically instantly to the needs of the business. Sometimes it’s a crisis of the day. At other times, it’s a long-standing issue. First and foremost, we support and work for the wellbeing of the business as a whole.”

The second fundamental is “starting with the end in mind.” As one of the habits of highly effective people described by Steven Covey in his seminal book. A business needs to have a focus on the future… on what they want to achieve both as a team, for their clients, and individually for themselves.

The third principle is that, as tempting as it is, that The Growth Team does not want to become or remain a permanent fixture within an organization. We limit our engagement to an appropriate period (months) of concentrated activity in which we are “teaching clients how to fish, not giving them fish.”

Our approach allows us to get results and it doesn’t matter if we’re dealing with a troubled business that’s about to implode or a business that is bursting at the seams as a result of rapid growth.