Sales process, sales strategy and sales training

Too often, sales and service strategy isn’t strategic. It’s theoretical, abstract, or typically, guidelines that point in the right direction. None of this is strategy.

To fully exploit your sales potential and powerfully outperform your competition, members of The Growth Team deliver actual hands-on “point A to point B” strategic solutions that take your sales/service function to the next level. We invest quality time to fully understand and analyze your unique variables and vision, and use this information to help you find new direction, new markets, new brands, and new delivery channels.

In addition, sales and marketing must be tightly integrated. When they’re in sync, they support each other and drive revenue and growth…and vice versa.

For example, excellent marketing without highly coordinated sales follow-up will not yield the same return on investment as a highly controlled and aligned program. The Growth Team creates marketing initiatives so that they are truly in sync with your sales efforts. Your highly skilled sales reps will always perform better with the right sales support materials.

Your opportunities, advantages and barriers to success are totally unique. You deserve more than a “one-size-fits-all” approach. As you might already have experienced, those don’t work!

To achieve your brilliant business potential, you need a practical, results-driven and cost effective solution that fits seamlessly with your unique business needs and goals.

The Growth Team takes into account the complexity of the sales function, the unique product or service variables, multi-level staff core competencies, geographic market dynamics, industry saturation, and the competitive framework.

Our programs can be delivered in person or by webinar and are structured to accommodate any size audience.