Systems, processes, and procedures

Too many businesses and organizations fail to create systems, processes, and procedures in order to standardize the way things are done. And even in those organizations in which some standardization is present, often those systems are not documented.

Every organization requires standardization in order to provide customers and clients with a consistently high level of quality and service.

Uniformity is the only answer. And uniformity leads to success. Every employee at McDonald’s makes a hamburger the same way. Every employee at Starbucks makes a latte the same way.

The goal is not to stifle creativity and original thinking. It is to maintain consistency from hour to hour and year to year. And that consistency is what builds reputations, retains existing customers, and attracts new ones.

Practically every change that The Growth Team recommends requires documentation. That’s why The Growth Team often begins a client relationship by recommending that our team members who are expert at systems, processes, and procedures begin by studying, reviewing, and analyzing the organizations current systems, processes, and procedures.

Then, with this information in hand, maps those systems and then educates the leadership team so they can, in turn, educate their divisions, departments, and individuals within their organization. As new employees come onboard, they learn more quickly, their proficiency can be measured, and their quality gauged.