The team approach

Business is complex. When businesses and their leadership teams face challenges, these challenges are rarely singular in nature.

While a business owner — looking only at symptoms and not the cause — may suspect he or she has a marketing challenge. But in reality that challenge could be indicative of other issues within the business such as the business’s inability to deliver, cash flow, outdated equipment, inadequate processes, uncontrolled overhead, and so on.

Utilizing a highly reliable team process approach, The Growth Team systematically assesses the challenges and points of constraint within the organization that are preventing appropriate and needed growth.

Once those challenges and points of constraint have been removed, eliminated, or minimized and the business is on firmer ground, the same team process approach allows us to guide our clients in the direction by developing the most appropriate strategy, recommending and designing specific implementation activities, and shortening the amount of time it takes to obtain measurable results.

The Growth Team is as comfortable and effective solving the challenges of troubled businesses as it is guiding those about to burst at the seams as a result of rapid growth or a sudden winning streak.