The difference is not only WHAT we do, but HOW!

A result-oriented coaching and consulting firm, The Growth Team – working with privately-held and family business, leadership teams, and organizations between $2 million and $25 million – helps executives and leadership teams effectively tackle urgent challenges, improve organizational efficiency, and map successful strategies for moving forward.

Utilizing a highly reliable process approach, The Growth Team is as comfortable and effective solving the challenges of troubled businesses as it is guiding those about to burst at the seams as a result of rapid growth or a sudden winning streak.

Through our diagnostic and discovery processes we are able to quickly and efficiently identify the primary points of constraint troubling an organization and go to work to help the leadership team develop and implement strategies to eliminate those points of constraint. Our Corporate MRI is available at no charge to businesses between $2 million and $25 million that are located in the greater New York City area. Click here for additional information regarding the Corporate MRI or contact us at 212-777-0083.

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