The Growth Team

The Growth Team utilizes a hands-on process approach that is as competent at preventing businesses from imploding as it is at propelling them in the direction of controlled growth and decisive accomplishments.

From money, people, marketing and sales, planning, growth, and management to systems, processes, and procedures our multi-departmental, multi-discipline guidance comes in the form of both coaching and consulting.

Through our unique blending of coaching or consulting, our mission (as the analogy goes) is to teach our client companies how to fish, not give them a fish.

This approach assures that our intervention working with businesses, leadership teams, and organizations between $2 million and $25 million brings about a better and more sustained result than could be obtained utilizing any other approach. And it does so in less time!

As needed, our coaches and consultants – representing many years of successful experience in their respective fields – work with the leadership team to eliminate points of constraint and set the business on a course to become wildly successful.